“Flagged” for Praying

NFL Jets player almost gets flagged for praying on the field during Sunday's game.

Football Prayer, Endzone
Football Prayer, Endzone

Prayer has become a pattern in the news lately. That high school coach continued to defy school officials and pray on the 50 yard line after a game–with support from students and parents. Well, prayer and football, again, made headlines this weekend–only this time in the professional NFL.

Did you know it’s illegal to fall to the ground after a touchdown? Well, that is unless you’re going to pray–and then you have to be obvious. If it’s not obvious, the ref can dock your team with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

During the Jets game versus the Redskins on Sunday, Brandon Marshall does what he always does after the team scores a touchdown. For the last three years, he has knelt in the end zone and given praise to God. It’s not much different from seeing another player do the sign of the cross like people of the Catholic faith often do. Apparently, there’s no penalty for that.

The ref threatened to throw a flag if Brandon wasn’t praying. He was so shocked, he said, “Of course I’m praying!” He was “celebrating” in his own way. Who knows?

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Photo Credit John Martinez Pavliga

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