Five Pillars of Islam? One Pillar of a Mother

Koran, Quran, Ramadan, Muslim, Islam
Koran, Quran, Ramadan, Muslim, Islam

A Bakersfield, CA mother wrote an angry note to her seventh grade son’s teacher after one of his homework assignments was to write the five pillars of Islam. The picture and note went viral on Facebook and caught the attention of a local radio station. It ended with verses and the line “How about Christian practices? That sheet has NEVER come to school this year or last!”  She said if they had a problem with it, call the family lawyer. Her post got over a hundred thousand shares!

If I remember correctly, I learned about all religions in school, even when I attended Christian college. It was just something to learn the five pillars or the Jewish law so you knew what others (even your neighbors) believed. Now if it were that one school in history class where they made you write “Allah is the only God” that might be a different matter (Tennessee). Oh well. Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs and standing up for something.

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