DHS: 179,027 “CONVICTED” criminal aliens with deportation orders remain in U.S.

Another government agency wasting our money. What’s the point of convicting these criminals (who were already criminals even BEFORE they committed another crime!) if we aren’t actually going to remove them from the country?

“It is important to realize that 180K figure includes only the aliens convicted of a crime and ordered deported who remain in defiance of said order – it is not an estimate of total aliens who have committed crimes who are present in the U.S. or total aliens convicted of crimes who are present in the U.S., which would necessarily be a vastly larger figure”

Notice the roughly 180,000 criminals “remain in defiance” of the deportation order. How do they get to DEFY that order? That means that 180,000 illegal alien criminals are running around ON OUR STREETS because they are NOT DETAINED!

Don’t you feel safe now? Thanks to our Department of Homeland SECURITY! And Obama and the Democrats want to disarm us, while they let convicted criminals roam our cities. No thanks! You better keep fighting to uphold that 2nd Amendment. It may be your only chance.

H/T Breitbart


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