Defunding Planned Parenthood won’t have any impact on abortion services, right?

Women Have Real Choices, Planned Parenthood Vs. Comprehensive Care Clinics, meme
Women Have Real Choices, Planned Parenthood Vs. Comprehensive Care Clinics, meme

Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum schools the ladies on The View about what services Planned Parenthood (PP) facilities offer and suggests that reallocating money from PP to other health facilities will actually offer BETTER healthcare for women by offering a broader range of medical services, rather than the limited services offered by PP.

What a concept! So this guy wants to take BETTER care of WOMEN?!?! But wait… he’s a mean, nasty, conservative, right-wing, Bible-thumping nutjob. There must be some mistake. It’s a cover, right? The REAL goal is to close down PP so that women can’t get abortions, right?

The View host, Paula Faris asks him the obvious question… where will women get abortions if he takes away PP’s federal funding?

To which Santorum explains:

“The money that we’re reallocating has nothing to do with abortion… The money that’s going to Planned Parenthood cannot be used for abortion. So when you reallocate that money away, it shouldn’t affect their ability to provide abortions, unless of course, they’re co-mingling funds.”

That’s right folks. Spread this information far and wide. That $500 million in federal funding that PP receives from generous taxpayers (that’s you and me) is not allowed to be used for abortion services. It can only be used for OTHER services that PP provides.

So why is PP allocated $500 million in federal funds, but other women’s health centers get nothing (and what about the men)? Shouldn’t there AT LEAST be an application process where the most qualified providers can be eligible to receive a grant?

Whether PP receives federal funding should have ZERO impact on their ability to continue to provide abortions. What am I missing here?

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