Congrats Los Angeles! You saved water, so they’re raising your rates.

California Drought, Sacramento, State House
California Drought, Sacramento, State House

You did it.

You beat the water-saving mandate set by a drought-wary Gov. Jerry Brown. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced in summer that Angelenos had been on a three-month streak of saving this precious resource, with 256 million gallons conserved in August alone.

Congratulations. Garcetti described your efforts as “extraordinary.”

Your reward is a rate hike. Yes, it’s true: The L.A. Department of Water and Power commissioners yesterday voted to increase your water rates. Commissioners call it a Water Rate Adjustment Factor (WRAF), and, yeah, they can do that under a 1991 city ordinance.

The DWP explained the situation in a fact sheet… you can read it and the rest of the story on LA Weekly.

Photo credit Kevin Cortopassi


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