CA institutes mandatory sexual consent lessons… in HIGH SCHOOL!

Silhouette Of Young Couple Holding Hands
Silhouette Of Young Couple Holding Hands

If you live in California, and your child attends a school district that requires health class in order to graduate… pay attention. This new law affects your child.

California Governor Jerry Brown’s office announced Thursday that the state will require all high schools statewide to teach students about sexual consent. Brown’s approval of the measure made California the first U.S. state to take such move.

This will be part of health class curriculum. This isn’t part of sex education. FYI… You cannot opt your child out of health class.

“California must continue to lead the nation in educating our young people – both women and men – about the importance of respect and maintaining healthy peer and dating relationships,” said Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chávez after the measure passed the Assembly in September.

This is NOT a “health” issue. This is a “SEX” issue. Legislators are operating under the assumption that all children are sexually active in high school. Classes and topics like this give children the impression that they SHOULD BE sexually active at their age. But who’s making that determination? And why is the school involved? And don’t even get me started about what, EXACTLY, will constitute an affirmative sexual consent in the eyes of the law! (You KNOW someone had to draft out those specifics!)

“Health” is supposed to be about the function of the human body. Not about “Yes Means Yes” and teaching kids how to obtain appropriate “sexual consent” before engaging in sex. Are they teaching them how to be strong and maintain abstinence? I don’t think so!

Topics like this should be left to parents and families. Schools need to stick to the basics… reading, writing, and arithmetic.

And whatever happened to the Democrat mantra telling Republicans… “Stay out of my bedroom”?? They need to take their own advice.

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