Border Patrol deemed “offensive” and ousted from UC Irvine career fair

The Border Patrol backed out of a campus career fair at University of California Irvine after a student petition garnering 659 signatures called the agency unsafe and offensive.

Looks like those 659 signatures saved the Border Patrol from wasting their time and money. Efforts better spent at a campus population more interested in upholding our Constitution and the rule of law.

Public universities who are this hostile to government agencies should stand to lose their federal funding. All government agencies should be welcome at ALL campus events without reservation.

Free speech goes both ways. Students can express their anti-government sentiments, but that doesn’t mean the government should shut-up, sit down, or bow out. Campuses that foster anti-government stances without welcoming the opposing perspective are a problem and should be reminded where some of their bread is buttered! Without those federal funds, they may not even exist!

H/T TheCollegeFix

Photo credit CBP


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