Are you sure we really won the Cold War?

Patriot, Flag, Generation Will Not Fall to Socialism
Patriot, Flag, Generation Will Not Fall to Socialism

Shortly after we supposedly “won” the Cold War, I started saying, “Are you really sure we won?  Think about it!  Think REAL hard!”

Since then, what has happened in America?  All of the politicians we thought we could trust, turned their backs upon America.  Worst of all, some have openly campaigned for law changes, bills, legislation and other actions and promoted things that are purely communistic.  We have a communist in the White House and anyone and everyone who has done any research at all on Obama knows he was a communist.  But, further, if you do just a little checking, you will see that in every single election he has run in, he was endorsed and financially backed by the Communist Party USA.  Now, look at his cabinet members.  His Sec of Transportation has openly given speeches about how much more efficient China is than the US simply because they don’t have to answer to 535 members of congress and can do as they please when they please and further he tells his audience, “That is why we need to switch political systems.”

It is 100% obvious that 98% of the Democrats are pushing communism whether they know it or not.  Every one of their “ideals” are communistic in character.  At a Republican Party rally in our own county I said something to the father of a national candidate running for and won the congress seat for our district, that the people in Washington had all turned communist in the Democratic Party.  He seemed like a really nice guy thinking much the same as I until I said that and he went nuts.  “YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!” He demanded.  I asked why not.  His response about caused me to hit him when he said, “It isn’t politically correct.”

My friends, at this point, I have to be 100% honest because I looked him square in the eyes and said, [email protected] that, that program is a communist program and anyone who does not recognize it is brain dead.  Again, he said, “Well it may well be, but you still can’t say it.”  I looked all around then leaned forward and asked his quietly, “Why, are the Politically Correct cops here? Are they going to throw me in jail? Have you ever seen anyone arrested for violating political correctness.” Then I looked at him and said, “I sincerely hope your son wins, but I also hope he goes to Washington with the attitude of killing Political Correctness and he just walked off.

When his son got there, he still didn’t know me by name so I wrote and asked, “I just want to understand my reps in Washington so are you Progress, PROGRESSIVE, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, Tea Party, just where do you stand?”  Someone from his office wrote back and said, “The congressman prefers not to use labels . . . and that was all I needed to hear.

Listen people, if you are not out there right now talking up Trump and Carson because one of these two have to win or we are in deep trouble, then you are not doing anything to help your country.  As far as I am concerned right now, if anyone supports Democrats, RINO Republicans, or Establishment Republicans, you are supporting the enemies of the state.

We are all rapidly approaching civil war in this country just for the purpose of keeping America democracy based.  It is looking more and more like this is going to be one of those times when the blood of patriots will have to be spilled to feed the tree of democracy and freedom and if that is the case, I am very ready to spill mine. I may be old, but I can still fight and I will fight to keep communism from taking any more control than it has right now.

It makes me sick that our schools of higher education are filled with liberal left-wing communists preaching to our vulnerable youth every day and the damn schools do nothing about it.  Those who preach such are subversive and should be fired and run out of the country right along with Hillary Clinton, Sanders, Schumer and every other damned Democrat. There are no Democrats in Washington DC who are red-blooded, American patriots, not a single damned one of them, and I will stand and tell them that to their TRAITOR faces.  And if there are any Democrats reading this that do not like what I have to say, there are two things  you need to know:

  1. I don’t give a God Damned what you think, and
  2. This IS still a free country and I have the right to say what I feel.

I know what I am about to say, that God would not be real happy with it, but I purely HATE anyone who is trying to fundamentally change America from a democracy to communism and right now, that includes every single Democrat in Washington, D.C. in our federal government.

One of the biggest things wrong in this country right now is that no one is writing, calling, sending emails or anything else and frankly telling your reps in Washington and elsewhere what you think about the way things are going.  Perhaps you might not want to be quite as frank as I have been here, BUT, you owe it to your country and it is your responsibility to speak your voice to your reps, and those who do not are a part of the problem for as long as we remain quiet, they are then free to do as they please.

As I have urged many over the past some years, call them, write them, send them emails and tell them exactly what you expect of them.  Supposedly they work for you.  But, above all, be sure to add before you close, if they do not want to represent you and your feelings, then you will be sure to vote for someone else for their seat who will represent you.  Trust me, it will get their attention.  And above all, if you are afraid to voice your opinion, then I will pray for your sorry soul.

Contributed by TRS Listener

A Red Blooded American Patriot and Veteran and damned proud of it!
ALL Lives Matter – NONE more than another!
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