“Women’s healthcare” is code for “abortion”

Planned Parenthood, mammogram, FDA licensed
Planned Parenthood, mammogram, FDA licensed

In an event organized by pro-life organization “And Then There Were None”…

On Monday, September 21, hundreds of women from across the United States called their local Planned Parenthood locations in an attempt to schedule mammograms. Not a single appointment was made because, despite popular belief, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.

Further proof what PP’s real mission is. And it’s NOT women’s healthcare!

But wait! PP will be offering free STD testing today, September 29th. What?! Only ONE day? You mean women have to PAY for it every other day?

I’m still not clear what that $500 million line item on the Federal budget is used for or why we need it now that we have Affordable Healthcare with Obamacare. Can anyone help me out here?

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