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When “rape” is not rape…

Woman In Bed, Black White

This video is getting all kinds of play and praise from the left. This woman claims that her family raped her.

Except, she doesn’t mean actual rape in the way you and I and most people with half a brain understand “rape.”

This is exactly the kind of SJW, sensationalist crap I’ve been railing against since the debunking of Lena Dunham’s fake rape story. In their constant attempt at politicizing rape, leftists have done a great disservice to actual rape victims across the world. Let’s look at some of this girls’ claims shall we?

Yes, I’ve been getting raped. I don’t even remember since when. Maybe it started when I came out of my mother’s womb.

Um, no…that’s not rape. That’s called being born.

I got raped when my father hit my mom.

First, it’s terrible that your father hit your mom. Second, that isn’t rape. It’s domestic abuse. Someone should call the police. And get you a dictionary.

I got raped when my mother called someone else’s daughter a slut.

Yeah, that’s not rape. Like, at all. Try “name-calling.”

Oh, yeah, there’s more… Read the full article here at LouderWithCrowder


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