WashDC Police Chief Won’t Issue Concealed Carry Permits… So, Why Isn’t SHE Thrown in Jail?

Cathy Lanier, DC, Police Chief
Cathy Lanier, DC, Police Chief

People on both sides of the marriage debate have been eyeing closely the case of Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples as doing so would violate her religious principles.
It’s a heated case and it only became more heated when Davis was actually thrown in jail for her refusal. The argument was simple: the court said that secular understandings of marriage trump the ancient and pious understanding of marriage and though we maintain alleged freedom of religion, those who wish to practice their religion must choose between being in violation of their beliefs or in violation of the court system’s conjured rulings.

Because Davis refused to compromise her principles, she was thrown in jail.
However, as we witness this struggle for religious freedom, we should all take notice of a glaring hypocrisy.

Davis was thrown in jail for her refusal to grant a license to homosexuals. However, despite repeated interventions by the judicial branch, Cathy Lanier, chief of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, still refuses to issue concealed carry permits to law-abiding Americans unless they can meet an incredibly-high standard that is nearly unattainable.

So, here’s my question: why isn’t Lanier in jail?

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