UC Berkeley thinks affirmative action will fix black enrollment problem

Occupy Cal, UC Berkeley
Occupy Cal, UC Berkeley

University of California at Berkeley seems to think that the ban on affirmative action doesn’t apply to them, so they’re sliding through a loophole. According to CampusReform:

Black undergraduate enrollment at Berkeley is about three percent, roughly half of the African-American share of the state’s overall population.

So let’s just take a look at this… the African-American population on campus is under-represented by 1/2. And UC Berkeley thinks the answer is to target recruit African-Americans.

Instead of trying to attract more African-Americans, maybe they should take a look at their campus and curriculum offerings to see why African-Americans aren’t interested in attending their university! Could it be African-Americans are not as liberal as they are? Some issues just can’t be fixed by giving one group preferential treatment over another.

You can read more about this story at CampusReform.

Photo credit Ryan Van Lenning


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