“Period Party” doll crosses a line…

Lammily, Barbie, Doll, Period Party
Lammily, Barbie, Doll, Period Party

A Barbie-like doll, the Lammily doll has come out with a new “accessory”… the Period Party… complete with colorful sanitary pads. The goal? To make menstruation less taboo. Hmmm… I didn’t realize periods were “taboo” or socially unacceptable. It’s part of life. Everyone knows about it… well, grownups know about it. Which begs the question… do little girls under the age of 9 or 10 really need to understand what that’s all about? Educating kids about their bodies is important, but there is an age-appropriateness factor to be considered. And it looks like they missed that memo on this one.

And as the ladies over at LouderWithCrowder so eloquently summed it up, there’s this…

this is obviously invented by a male-gendered person, as no female in her right mind would ever refer to her period as a “party.” Don’t believe me? Go ahead. Ask a female on her period if she feels like she’s having a party and see how that turns out for ya. Advice: stay at least two football fields away from her. Better yet, make it a phone call. From another country.

I can’t argue that logic.

You can read more about this story here and here.


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