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OPINION: These Billboards are LIES!

Muslim Billboard

Excerpts from an Associated Press article: “Dozens of billboards are sprouting nationwide, proclaiming the true message of Islam and Muhammad: “Peace and Justice” … “Love not Hate”. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has erected 100 billboards with statements such as: “Muhammad believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights” … “Muhammad always taught love, not hate; Peace not Violence.” These billboards have been placed in: Boston, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, El Paso, Austin, Memphis, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, North Bergen (NJ), Portland, Harrisburg (PA), Denver, and other cities.”

This is outrageous! The group behind this, ICNA, is a Muslim Brotherhood organization. Their ideology is one of violence—it originated as a violent ideology of jihad against non-Muslims and it continues to be violent ideology to this day.

These billboards are lies. These lies are propaganda meant for those Americans who are still unaware that Islam is not peaceful. This outrageous propaganda is meant for those who still believe Muslim rhetoric spread by CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood groups. This is very dangerous propaganda because people still believe it!

It is stated throughout the Quran and in Muhammad’s teachings that:
Non-Muslims are to be fought until they are either killed or forced to acknowledge their inferior status by either converting to Islam or paying a tax. If they choose to pay the tax they are then forced to accept the second place standing of their own religion as well as a second place standing as citizens in their own native country.

Furthermore: There are no human rights in Islam. No human rights or equality can possibly exist in Islam because the Quran is laid out explicitly stating that people are NOT equal.

There is no other religion that devotes such a large part of its holy text condemning and dehumanizing those who do not follow its ideology.

61% of the Quran is about non-Muslims and continuously makes a distinction between non-Muslims and Muslims, most often with words of hatred and violence.

19% of the Quran is devoted to the violent conquest and subjugation of non-Muslims.

The Quran contains well over 100 verses that call Muslims to war (jihad) with non-Muslims for the sake of Islamic rule and stresses the implementation of Islamic Law on all people throughout the world. The Quran warns that Allah will send Muslims to Hell if they do not participate in jihad and the goal of implementing Islamic Law on all people.

All practicing Muslims must follow the ideology laid out for them in the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad. This means, without a doubt, that they must follow an un-peaceful and violent system of war against non-Muslims. Muslims are taught, via the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad, that they are superior to non-Muslims. Non-Muslims are considered “slave-status”. If they pay a tax, they are allowed to exist. But they can be killed or tortured by a Muslim at any time and it is not considered a crime according to Islamic ideology.

The Quran teaches hatred, violence, torture and inhumane treatment of non-Muslims. Various verses in the Quran state that non-Muslims must be beheaded, crucified, burned to death, have their arms and legs torn off, or have their right hand and left foot cut off. Muhammad’s life was a continuous series of conquests, torture, violence and booty-taking, including taking people as “booty” and using them as slaves. Mohammad is quoted as saying: “To wage jihad is one of the greatest things a Muslim can do.” Mohammad’s behavior is used as a role model to all Muslims. He is considered to be the “ideal” Moslem.

Mohammad did not teach “love”, nor did he teach “peace”. These billboards are meant to silence critics—but the critics are the ones who are telling the truth about Islam and the teachings of Islam.

Here is something urgent that you must understand. Islamic Doctrine regarding IMMIGRATION:

According to the teachings of Mohammad, the main principle for a Muslim community in a non-Muslim country is that it must be separate and distinct (in other words—do not assimilate). Mohammad outlined the rules for Muslims who immigrate. Muslims must form a separate body and keep their own laws and eventually make the host country comply with Islamic laws.

Mohammad’s teachings forbid Muslims to immigrate to a non-Muslim country if they are doing it to pursue the goal of their own personal gain. But if they immigrate with the ultimate goal of spreading Islam and making Islam victorious, then they are allowed personal gain. Mohammad said that Muslims who immigrate should never integrate with the native society. Muslim immigration is considered to be a transitional period of preparation for changing the native society from an open society to an Islamic society.

Some of these billboards say Islam teaches “Love not Hate”. Hatred is taught throughout the Quran and is one of the major themes. Even the 5 daily prayers contain words of hatred towards Christians and Jews. Some of the billboards say: “Peace and Justice”. According to the Quran and Islamic Ideology, there cannot be peace in the world until all people are Muslim. And to get to the point where all people are forced to convert to Islam there must be jihad—so again—there cannot be “peace” as long as there are any non-Muslims left in the world. And Justice? The Quran outlines that not only are people not equal, which is an injustice in itself, but it instructs Muslims to do the most inhumane and un-just acts imaginable. ISIS is following the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad to a tee. ISIS does exactly what is outlined in Islamic ideology.

These billboards are blatant lies in order to further the Muslim agenda. Liberals and others will stand behind Muslims when they cry “racism” or “prejudice” or whenever we try to stop them from removing crosses from our Christian universities or when we try to stop them from building a mega mosque in a residential neighborhood. These billboards are part of their strategy.

Cheri Nocita Berens is an American author living in Egypt while researching and filming secular and religious celebrations and events. Cheri is writing a memoir about Revolution and the Effects of the Moslem Brotherhood Takeover.

Editors Note: This article is reprinted with permission from Cheri Nocita Berens via Facebook.

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