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OPINION: As Hungary Caves, Islamist Takeover in Syria and Europe Continues

No one has greater empathy for the Syrian people than me. I have been writing about the ongoing atrocities done to them for four years. And though I understand the pressure on European countries to take in the refugees, adding more Muslim population to Europe will most definitely end in disaster for all of us. So I was saddened to hear this morning that Hungary gave in. Hungary’s Prime Minister had been brave enough to speak out against the growing Muslim population in Europe and I had hope that the Muslim problem in Europe would finally be talked about in the open. I had hoped for a genuine discussion about the dangers of Islam growing in Christian Europe. Now the truth will be swept under the mat and violent Muslim ideology will grow and surface even more powerfully.

Several news outlets this last week have reported Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s statements that his country does not want to take in Muslims. I totally agree with him. I do not think Muslim refugees should be so easily allowed into Europe in such massive numbers. They need to be carefully vetted first. AND, its time to start saying YES to Christians. Muslims have been given open doors, while Christians are refused—that must end. Christians should be allowed in first, and quickly. They can be trusted to assimilate and never cause trouble.

Here are some Viktor Orban quotes:

“I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country.”

“We Hungarians are full of fear, people in Europe are full of fear, because they see that the European leaders are not able to control the [Muslim] situation.”

“We do not like the consequences” he said, referring to the country’s 150-year history of Ottoman Rule. Orban mentioned Hungary’s history during the Ottoman Empire’s conquest of Hungary in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Muslim war machine ravished large parts of Eastern Europe. The Muslim armies pillaged the forces of medieval Hungary (and Hungary was far larger than the country’s current size). The result was decades of war and rape and atrocities—just like what is being done in Syria. Areas that now comprise modern Hungary were once the borderlands between the Muslim Ottomans and the Christian Hapsburgs. Hungary never wants to see history repeat itself.

Orban also said that the influx of refugees into Europe “threatens to undermine the continent’s Christian roots and governments must control their borders.” He said European citizens were in disagreement with their governments regarding the refugee crisis. “The people want us to master the situation and protect our borders” … “Only when we have protected our borders can questions be asked about the numbers of people [Muslims] we take in.”

Orban said his country was being “overrun with refugees” and that “most are Muslims, not Christians.”

Orban also wrote an article that was printed in a German newspaper where he stated: “We shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here [Europe] grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most refugees are not Christian, but are Muslim” … “That is an important problem because European cultures have Christian roots” … “We [Hungary] do not like the consequences of what we see in other European countries that have a large number of Muslim communities, and I do not see any reason for anyone to force us to create ways of living together in Hungary that we do not want.”

Donald Tusk, a former Polish prime minister and the current president of the European Council backed Orban’s concerns and has stated in his defense: “I want to underline that for me, Christianity in public and social life, is a duty to our brothers in need [Christians].”

I say, the answer is not to continue to allow refugees to swarm into Europe and elsewhere. I say, lets put an end to the crisis in Syria itself. Help Syria rid itself of ISIS and rebel extremists who both commit horrific atrocities on the Syrian people and which is the cause of the massive exodus out of Syria. The Syrian people love their country—they do not want to leave it—they would gladly remain in Syria if ISIS and the rebel groups were removed and their sectarian life was restored to what it was before the rebel groups, and then ISIS, began their rampage of forcing Islamic Law on the Syrian people. Obama-backed rebel groups are forcing Islamic Law on people, too. Let the Syrian people be sectarian: Kurdish, Druze, Assyrian, Christian, Shi’a. Syria is diverse—let them continue being diverse–stop this Islamist takeover of Syria.

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated: “People are running away, not from the regime of Bashar Assad, but from the Islamic State (ISIS), which has seized large areas of Syria and Iraq, and who are committing atrocities there. That is what they [refugees] are escaping from.”

I agree with Putin. He has been making public statements that the right thing to do is stop ISIS. ISIS is destroying the Syrian and Iraqi people—not Assad, not the Iraqi government. Stop ISIS. Putin also says that to take out the government of Assad would only guarantee ISIS taking full power and creating an Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, and who would then be a threat to Jordan, Lebanon and other countries who are not stabilized at the moment due to Islamist extremism. Countries that also do NOT want Islamic Law forced on them—they do not want to become Islamic States.

Putin stated: “They [ISIS] kill hundreds and thousands of people, burn them alive or drown them alive, cut off people’s heads. How are people supposed to live there? Of course, they run away!” Putin has said the fight against terrorism should be a coordinated international effort. He also said, “We really want to create some kind of an international coalition to fight terrorism and extremism.” The “we” Putin is referring to are the leaders of various countries he has been meeting with in recent weeks: Egypt, Jordan, and several others.

“We see what is happening now: the US Air Force is carrying out strikes. Yet, the efficiency of these airstrikes is very poor. It is premature to say that we are ready to do it [go in at full force to fight ISIS], but we are already providing Syria with quite strong support in terms of equipment, training of military servicemen, and weapons.”

I’m sure many people will bitch about my support of Putin. But I’ve seen four years of lies about what happened in Egypt and then lies about President Sisi and a supposed “coup”. Lies—the people took down the Muslim Brotherhood—it was not a coup. I’ve seen four years of lies about what is happening in Syria and lies about Assad—the rebel groups have used chemical warfare on the Syrian people (received from Turkey) for four years. At least print that info, too, instead of making Assad the scape goat. At least the Assad government has always protected Christians and other minority groups and under the present government and constitution minorities are protected. Why back rebels who want an Islamic State? This makes no sense. Let the Syrian people have their country back—which will end the refugee problem and will stop the atrocities against non-Muslims in Syria.

Taking in consideration that the western media lies, and promotes propaganda for Obama, I am wondering if we’ve been lied to about Putin in some respects. But no matter: in this specific case—it doesn’t matter—because Putin is backing the Syrian people and he believes ISIS should be destroyed. I back Putin in this. Also, I’ve received messages from Russians living in the U.S. They’ve told me Putin isn’t the monster the media has portrayed.

Photos: refugees on their way to Austria—note: they are primarily Muslim males who will push for more mosque building and promote the Quran and teachings of Muhammad—because they ARE Muslim; Russia is wise, they now have laws against mosque building—note: once Muslims gather enough in their community, they always take over the streets to show their superiority; reports have been coming in that small groups of Russians have joined ground troops in Syria—I, for one, am happy about this; I stand behind Putin when it comes to his view on Syria.

Editor’s Note:  This article is reprinted with permission from Cheri Nocita Berens via Facebook.

Photo credit:  FoxNews video still

Cheri Nocita Berens is an American author living in Egypt while researching and filming secular and religious celebrations and events. Cheri is writing a memoir about Revolution and the Effects of the Moslem Brotherhood Takeover.

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