Media bombs #IStandWithAhmed coverage

President Obama, Ahmed Mohammed, Tweet
President Obama, Ahmed Mohammed, Tweet

If you haven’t heard of Texas student 14-year-old Ahmed Mohammed who was recently arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that a teacher suspected might be a bomb or a hoax bomb, you might be living under a rock. This incident has blown up into another hashtag event of epic proportions, and as one might imagine, one where President Obama felt the need to interject himself, yet again.

And while there’s nothing specifically wrong with the Tweet itself, it’s the whole debacle the Tweet is based on that should cause pause and prompt more scrutiny into this particular incident. As Ben Shapiro is Senior Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News reports:

And as Ian Tuttle of National Review has pointed out, America has become extra-paranoid of late: students have been suspended for gun-shaped Pop Tarts, cap guns, finger guns, and saying the word gun, among other grave offenses. And we don’t even need weapons to suspend students anymore: wearing an American flag at the wrong time or donning a Confederate flag t-shirt will do it.

So why, after the detention and release, did this story become a national one? Why did Obama jump on this story? Why did Hillary jump on this story? Where were they for then-16-year-old Kiera Wilmot of Florida to the White House after she was arrested and suspended in 2013 for bringing an experiment with toilet cleaner and aluminum foil to school? She was black but not Muslim, so it didn’t serve the narrative. They were MIA.

Good questions. And an even better question… why does the media allow them to drive the narrative? The media could easily squelch this story with comprehensive coverage like Shapiro’s story. Sure headlines sell. But are they really so desperate that they need to gin-up something beyond it’s face value? That’s not journalism. Shapiro goes on to say:

The narrative reigns supreme. Ahmed Mohammed brought a clock-in-a-case that looked like a hoax bomb to the uninformed to school; his engineering teacher told him not to show it around; he showed it around; the police showed up, and he was allegedly uncooperative; they decided he was innocent and released him.

That’s not a national scandal. That’s local cops and teachers and administrators doing their jobs, decently but cautiously. Yet that won’t be what you hear. You’ll just hear that America hates Muslims, even as Americans self-righteously tweet out #IStandWithAhmed without hearing the facts.

The coverage on this story has been irresponsible, at best. Teachers and school administrators are tasked with a difficult job… providing a safe learning environment for ALL children. Will the fallout from this incident be teachers who are afraid to say anything for fear of creating another White House viral event? If this “clock” had actually been a bomb and the teacher had dismissed it as harmless, you can be sure we would be having an entirely different conversation. The school handled this situation in the safest, most cautious way possible. The media and/or White House should have come out with a statement along the lines of:

Today a concerned teacher notified authorities about a suspicious looking homemade clock device brought in by a student for a type of show-and-tell. In today’s climate of extremists, terrorists, and school shootings having the device examined by professionals was the right thing to do. Teachers have an important job of keeping all kids safe, and it’s better they err on the side of caution.

Yes, the student was initially taken into custody, but later released. It could have gone more smoothly with more forthcoming information from the student to authorities. Parents and students alike need to have conversations about how best to help law enforcement so as not to hinder investigations. Cooperation is key. They are not the enemy.

We certainly want to foster an atmosphere of curiosity and innovation on our school campuses, and I believe we are doing just that. However, it must also be done with safety in mind while adhering to school policies and instruction from campus authorities. We can accomplish this by clearly communicating with parents and students and asking for their cooperation. That’s how we work together.

The media and White House, however, botched it completely. I suspect we have just demonized another segment of our community… the teacher. #IStandWithTeachers

Read the full article here at Breitbart

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