Massive Influx of Muslims Already Here as More Refugees Come

Hungary Refugee Flood, Video Still
Hungary Refugee Flood, Video Still

Friend of the show, Paul E. Vallely, (MG US Army, Ret.) of StandUpAmericaUS has compiled quite the list of refugee disbursement for your information. Sadly, in a week’s time, the U.S. has gone from a commitment to take ~10,000 refugees to Secretary of State John Kerry committing to take nearly 200,000 over the next 2 years! We can’t even manage our own veterans, poor, and unemployed. What are they thinking?!

Also noteworthy, mentioned on StandUpAmericaUS is a Breitbart article detailing how many Muslim immigrants the U.S. has been accepting each year. You might be surprised. Here’s a little excerpt from that one:

A Breitbart News review of State Department and Homeland Security data reveals that the United States already admits more than a quarter of a million Muslim migrants each year. President Obama intends to add another 10,000 Syrian migrants on top of that.
In 2013 alone, 117,423 migrants from Muslim-majority countries were permanently resettled within the United States— having been given lawful permanent resident status. Additionally in 2013, the United States voluntarily admitted an extra 122,921 temporary migrants from Muslim countries as foreign students and foreign workers as well as 39,932 refugees and asylees from Muslim countries.

Thus, twelve years after the September 11th hijackers were invited into the country on temporary visas, the U.S. decided to admit 280,276 migrants from Muslim countries within a single fiscal year.

While Muslims and refugees are not necessarily synonymous, the impact to communities in a our nation must be considered. Refugees relocated to any country (including ours) will need LOTS of help (welfare, aid, food, clothing, etc.) Both Muslim immigrants and refugees are coming from a very different culture. Integration is critical for their success. Do they have to be just like us? No. But they do have to respect our laws and the existing culture and recognize that we won’t be changing to meet their expectations.

We need a screening process. I’d like to think it’s already in place, but you and I both know that’s just ridiculous! If we can’t take care of our own, there’s NO WAY they’ve thought about the impact of volumes of immigrants on the existing population. Those who hate America and our way of life must be screened out. Does anyone think that will actually happen? I’m not holding my breath…

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