It’s not misogyny when you treat a woman equal to a man! It’s equality.

Rep Gerald Connolly, GA, Dem, CSPAN, video still
Rep Gerald Connolly, GA, Dem, CSPAN, video still

Democrat Congressman Gerald Connolly expressed his shock and concern over the misogynistic handling of Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards during her congressional testimony.

Remember, women want to be treated as equals to men. To suggest that she was “intimidated” suggests that she is unable to handle the pressure of difficult questioning. Trust me. Ms. Richards is more than capable. You don’t need to frame her as weak or fragile. THAT’s actual misogyny!

Ms. Richards was treated the same way any man would be treated under the same circumstances. What if she had been questioned the same way by a female representative? Would that have been ok? It had not nothing to do with her being a woman. Nice try on the deflection, though!

Congressional representatives weren’t “talking over, interrupting, cutting off sentences, criticizing” Ms. Richards because she’s a woman… she was talked over, interrupted, cut off, and criticized because she refused to directly answer simple questions!

If you want to be treated with respect in a hearing, answer the questions. If you stall, deflect, and misdirect, expect to be called on it. You only have so much time and they’re job is to get to the bottom of the issue, not politely wait until you’ve run out the clock!

This is not an example of the “War on Women.” This is an example on the “War on People Who Won’t Answer Direct Questions Under Oath.”

Don’t fall for the distraction!

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten how men are treated under investigation, take a little walk down memory lane and see how Senator Barbara Boxer treated Brigadier General Michael Walsh.

 H/T Breitbart



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