It isn’t thieving union bosses who make American workers great

SEIU, wages, union
SEIU, wages, union

When it comes to fortifying sanctimony with criminality, it is hard to beat the American labor movement, which we hear a great deal from on Labor Day weekend. The education monopolists may dabble in criminality, as with those teachers and administrators in Atlanta who soon will be reporting to prison, but they’re mostly sanctimony most of the time, and of course the union bosses have a hand in that, too, teachers’ unions being what they are. But for a really elegant balance of sanctimony and criminality, you want one of those Philadelphia union goons who talk about solidarity with working people while committing arson and vandalizing churches in the service of their own narrow economic interests.

The good news is that in the real economy, the American labor movement is dead as fried chicken. It’s just waiting to keel over…

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