Islamaphobia: Media driving the narrative

Cartoon, IStandWithAhmed, Muslim, Bomb, Clock
Cartoon, IStandWithAhmed, Muslim, Bomb, Clock

The media bias driving the narrative surrounding the #IStandWithAhmed story is no more evident than in this cartoon. And, yes, I know it’s a cartoon… it’s meant to be funny. But even in political cartoons, there is truth.

Irresponsible journalists (and now their readers who’ve blindly followed), however, would have you believe that all Ahmed did was bring in a clock. You know, something like the one depicted in the cartoon. That is NOT the case! In fact, here’s “the case” that Ahmed brought in:

ScreenShot, IStandWithAhmed, Muslim, Bomb, Clock
ScreenShot, IStandWithAhmed, Muslim, Bomb, Clock

It’s a pencil box shaped like a little briefcase. Nothing on the outside would indicate there is a clock inside. Opening it up, you see a clock, a bunch of wires, and circuit board. Because that’s what clocks look like nowadays, right? WRONG!

To call the teacher, school officials, and law enforcement “Islamaphobes” for scrutinizing this homemade device in our current climate of school shootings and terrorism is ludicrous. There’s nothing to suggest they wouldn’t have done the same thing with any other student. Better they should err on the side of caution than have to explain to 2000+ families why they did nothing.

Cartoon credit Mike Lukovich/Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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