Is this really the kind of character we want as President?

Is this really the kind of character we want as President? Donald Trump faces
Is this really the kind of character we want as President? Donald Trump faces

Donald Trump. He’s entertaining. He speaks his mind. He doesn’t apologize. And he’s done more to further the Republican conversation than anyone that comes to mind in longer than I can remember.

But he’s also rude and crass.

This isn’t a comedy club. This is serious business. This is the interview process for the position of the most powerful leader of the free world. It requires someone with more than a fair amount of decorum, tact, civility, and level-headedness. Not someone without a filter. These tactics may work in a boardroom for the “really rich” guy holding all the cards… but negotiating with other world leaders is a whole different ballgame, and he doesn’t seem to realize that.

The Donald may be good for soundbites and headlines. But is this really the kind of person we want running our country? Do you want his finger on the nuclear button? Do you want him negotiating with (or provoking) volatile leaders who would love nothing more than to annihilate us?

At what point does Trump stop furthering the conversation and become a liability to the credibility of the entire Republican ticket? Time will tell…


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