Is anything more un-American than trash police?

Garbage Bins
Garbage Bins

Looks like Seattle might be in deep doo-doo… they’ve hired trash police, who get to take a peek at your trash; act as detective, judge, & jury; issue fines; and destroy the evidence before you’re ever given a chance to prove your innocence.

Nine full-time solid waste inspectors have been hired as part of a controversial program to check city trash to make sure people are recycling. Additionally, contracted waste haulers have been effectively deputized as trash police, given the authority to tag bins when people fail to recycle and compost enough.

The program is now the subject of a lawsuit, as residents fume over what some call an intrusive government program.

Does ANYTHING sound more un-American or un-Constitutional? I foresee alot of neighbors taking late night walks past other neighbors’ garbage cans…

H/T FoxNews

Photo credit Smabs Sputzer

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