Impending government shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding

The 10th undercover Planned Parenthood video just hit the internet, and like the others, it’s revolting. Earl Hall at AllenBWest writes:

What has happened to our culture, that this is tolerated? We live in this politically correct atmosphere where you can hardly say anything without offending someone, but speech about selling organs and tissue seems to pass the sniff test (disgusting pun intended) for the PC crowd. Well, I guess if they have no problem jamming a sharp object into the skull of a partially-born human, I guess it’s cool right? No it is not and should NEVER be.

Good point Earl!

And in Congress, the finger-pointing begins with Republicans and Democrats blaming each other for an impending government shutdown over funding or defunding (depending on which side of the aisle your sitting on) Planned Parenthood in the federal budget. President Obama is using the full weigh of his political office to justify continued funding and to make Republicans back down. Former Congressman, Col. Allen West summed it up nicely on his Facebook post:

If Barack Obama wants to force the entire government to shut down over providing US taxpayer dollars to a private sector, not-for-profit organization running a $1 billion profit — I want to hear the liberal progressive media explain that to the American people.

Now if we just had a few SITTING Congressmen willing to take that kind of stand and lay things out that succinctly, we might actually get somewhere with this issue.

H/T AllenBWest

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