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If Catholic church is so out of touch, why all the media coverage?

Catholic Church

As it says in the Old Testament Book of Esther, “for such a time as this,” and what a great time it is to be Catholic. Given all the hits the faith has taken in recent months and years for being allegedly “out of touch” and “irrelevant” when it comes to things like the teachings on marriage and sexuality, you might be wondering how I can be so upbeat.

I guess I am just the type of person who chooses to see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. For starters, if the Church is so “backward” as many in the culture have and continue to claim, then why is it that every news outlet in the country and practically around the world is dedicating so much time, effort, and money to the World Meeting of Families gathering next week, and the historic visit of the Pope to the United States? Several networks are actually dedicating entire channels, yes entire channels, on Sirius/XM Satellite and other venues for nothing but round-the-clock coverage of the events? Go figure.

It could be, of course, that the off-the-charts interest is due to the fact that some wrongly believe the Pope is coming to America to make some shocking announcements that will change core Church teaching. That can’t and won’t happen, of course, as the Church and Her teachings are guided and protected by the Holy Spirit. But if the Church is as out of touch, irrelevant, and backward as some claim then why bother at all? What does it matter what she teaches or what her leader does or doesn’t do? Who cares? It’s quite clear that despite some of the negative labeling that goes on; at the end of the day people do care because the Church does matter.

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