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Has Trump EVER criticized the true adversary… Hillary?

Donald Trump

The left initially mocked the presidential campaign season, chiding the number of Republican candidates. The scorn was simply the portion of the agenda to kill time until they could desecrate a frontrunner.

Shortly, there it was: The Trump Tromp. It’s the newest bipartisan contagion spread with the predictable aid of the media. Trump could belch and it would be a breaking news item.

The left promotes Trump as a bigoted clown and embrace him believing he’ll drive their candidate to the Oval Office.

Many on the right do not like Trump, but he does resonate with scores in professing to reverse ugly trends fostered by the left with his verbiage on illegal immigration, America’s need of jobs and her restoration to greatness.

Pragmatic minds aren’t falling for the sound-good words that lack illustrations of practical thought-out plans. Lots of gullible Americans fell for that before, and look at us now.

Last week’s debate was disappointing. While many tuned in hoping for adolescent sensationalism, others wanted substance. CNN’s moderator spent too much time asking serious candidates their opinions about the last juvenile disparaging remark Trump made about them.

What a waste of precious time that could have yielded so much value.

A Trump-media coalition has hatched. They curse each other, yet link to crush viable Republican candidates.

This bolsters Trump and aids the media’s agenda to keep Hillary’s bottomless bag of scandals and inexhaustible deceit in the background.

Irrespective of the mainstream media’s intent to disregard reporting a timely status of the investigations into Hillary’s actions, the probes continue — with more damaging truths emerging.

Hillary’s fluid inane email defense positions range from “I didn’t do anything wrong” to “I didn’t receive or send any classified emails” to “I didn’t send or receive anything marked classified” to some weak apology to “There’s no proof.”

The continuing saga demonstrates that Hillary doesn’t have scandals — Hillary is a scandal.

There’s yet to be a first time Trump has criticized the true adversary — Hillary Clinton. After all, they share a wedding guest list, and Bill made a personal phone call to Trump urging him to a candidacy.

Trump was comfortable with being blamed for the famed “birther” story. While he repeated it, the original began from Clinton supporters in the 2008 campaign, according to (November 2008 and July 2015).

In April 2011, Poltico and The (British) Telegraph published that “diehard” supporters circulated the story. Hillary was shriveling against Obama and the story was convenient.

It’s noteworthy that opportunely, while neither the campaign nor Hillary herself could be directly linked to the story, neither went on record disputing it. Today they happily let Trump take the credit for it.

Recently Dr. Ben Carson was the targeted foe.

Here is a brilliant self-made man who truly has the praiseworthy rise-from-poverty black man’s story: a youngster with an absent father, an illiterate but caring and involved mother, all living in an abysmal neighborhood. In the end, the man became a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon.

The bombastic and ill-informed Trump called Dr. Carson an “okay doctor” who perhaps hired “a nurse … or two.” That’s ignorance at its pinnacle.

Clearly Trump is wholly estranged from thoughts of what it takes to strategize, assemble, rehearse and monitor an operating theater wherein multiple disciplined professionals will exert all their resources to save two tiny babies who have just had their bodies and organs surgically separated.

Dr. Carson’s sin is being a black conservative. No one has called Carson’s critics “racists.” That would only apply if he was a liberal.

Presently, the agenda item for the coalition is to annihilate Carly Fiorina, or per Trump, “that face.”

Fiorina possess attributes of leadership and doesn’t blink articulating her foreign-policy plans. Her biggest assets, and threats to Trump and Clinton, are that she is focused, not intimidated and knows who she is.

Battling breast cancer with debilitating drugs that leave one nauseatingly sick, weak and bald, along with having to bury a child, will do that for you — if you’re strong enough to come out on top.

Fiorina did prevail, and that success enables her to authentically speak of her own life and genuine personal battles, unlike Hillary, who pathetically travels the low road resorting to telling her mother’s alleged early life story.

On the other hand, Trump’s focus is on himself, as he tells us every day.

Hillary and Trump do differ in one area. Hillary rides the left’s “you didn’t build that” train, and Trump claims he built everything.

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.

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