GOP Debate Recap: Trumpified

Second GOP Debate at Reagan Library: My Summary of It After Last Night's Three-Hour Debate on CNN

Little Republicans, 2015 GOP Debate, Video Still
Little Republicans, 2015 GOP Debate, Video Still

People ask me why I do this political blogging. I don’t often write about a certain party. I volunteer my time. I often write about issues people could read themselves on the news. For me, it’s good writing practice. For a living, I am an editor. I own my own editing and proofreading business from home and right now am buried in novel editing as well as taking my last class for my editing certificate.  I’m not good at writing much but poetry or letters to people.

After watching last night’s GOP debate on CNN, I think I’m not a good orator either. Let me give you my summary, my version of last night’s debate, without reading any commentary from the news. I watched all but the first hour of it cause I was knee-deep in making stirfry! My mom had the idea of listening to it. I was more skeptical because it was going to be long, drawn out, and too many candidates to even care. Yet it was one of the best run debates I have seen yet. CNN provided limited live stream of it for those like me who did not have that channel on TV. The moderators moved quickly along to various topics and tried to give every candidate some speaking time.

However, when I tuned in, it was Trump this, Trump that. The basis of the question was “Donald Trump has said this. Do you agree or what would you say to him.” Many of the candidates used the questions as an opportunity to say what they would do if they were President. Carly was way too polite, however. She’d try to get a word in but get talked over so often she was just a silent onlooker. However, she had an opportunity to fire back at Trump for his attacks on her looks. “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said,” Fiorina said, when asked about Trump’s backtrack that he was talking about her persona. “I think she’s got a beautiful face, and she’s a beautiful woman,” Trump said, trying to salvage his ego while Florina appeared stoic.

Another highlight was when Jeb Bush demanded Trump apologize to his wife, who is a Hispanic-American. Bush said, “To subject my wife into the middle of a raucous political conversation was completely inappropriate, and I hope you apologize for that, Donald.” Trump said he had done nothing wrong to apologize.

Of course, Christie had to get his piece in and he finally spoke up and told Trump and Florina to stop arguing about who had the better resume, but to stick to the real issues that the people would care about, particularly those folks with no jobs struggling to make ends meet.

Their references to Ronald Reagan were apropos since they were at the Reagan Library, which I have visited a number of times. Marco Rubio got firm and spoke well. When asked certain questions, Trump just repeated the mantra or made no sense at all. One point he said his team would help him learn, when Marco Rubio said a president needs to know what goes on internationally. Rand Paul played the calm pacifist, Ben Carson the intelligent doctor, and Christie the fiery governor. It was a good chance to hear from some of the lesser-known candidates on their stand on issues. While it may have been long, maybe the American people now have a better idea on who they might want to represent them as Commander in Chief. While it is still pretty early, I think from last night, there were some candidates who showed fledgling growth. Stick to people who actually know what they’re doing, and can do something with what they know, as Huck so eloquently said last night. We need to be informed.

How interesting that the Democratic Debate will be at the Reagan Library next month. A fine tribute to a fine man…may we not smear his legacy.

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