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Give the woman a mirror

Carly Fiorina, Barbara Boxer

California’s U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is retiring at age 75. The departure hasn’t tempered her hate for her onetime opponent and now-presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Last week, Boxer’s wrath was one colossal exposure of hypocrisy and bitterness.

Boxer claimed the following about her then-“landslide” victory:

  • * “She’s the face of income inequality and the face of corporate greed;”
  • * “(T)he people of California didn’t want her doing to the country what she did to Hewlett Packard;”
  • * CEO Fiorina enriched herself heading HP, used private planes, bought a yacht, laid off 30,000, with shipping jobs overseas”;
  • * HP stock dropped and Fiorina was fired;”
  • * She lacks “compassion and even caring about working people;”
  • * Fiorina’s run for president is “the new definition of chutzpah;”
  • * “She hasn’t had a job since she was fired.”

All of that is so rich, it’s hard to know where to start.

Let’s run down the list of Boxer’s compassion for the working family, her fine work, morals and ethics:

* Barbara Boxer was a stockbroker for three years and a newspaper editor for two, entering the political world in 1974 – forty-one years ago;

* It’s a cakewalk for a Democrat to prevail in California, especially after three decades of name recognition. Boxer has held an office in the Washington sewer since 1983 and ranks eleventh in seniority in the 100-person U.S. Senate.

* Multi-millionaire Boxer sees herself as “equal” with all of us as to income and privileges, irrespective of her and her husband’s vast wealth;

* Judicial Watch named Boxer among “the Most Waned Corrupt Politicians” in 2010;

* The Boxers were embroiled in the Countrywide Mortgage swindle that cost taxpayers billions in a bail-out; they had seven mortgages with Countrywide and disclosed only the two that had been paid off;

* Judicial Watch reported Boxer “lied” about her dealings – and she was the chair of the Senate Select Committee heading the hearings;

* The Associated Press reported Boxer asked “the bulk of the questions” in the hearings of the suspects, then-Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and Kent Conrad (D-N.D.). It was disclosed the two received preferential financial treatment. Boxer gently “admonished” them — the end;

* Boxer wrote 87 bad checks totaling $41,417 before she was caught. She claimed she had been too busy “doing the people’s business;”

* In 1992, Boxer fought disclosure and then finally admitted writing bad checks (check-kiting) against the House of Representatives Bank. That is, with a politician’s “overdraft,” taxpayers fund their personal spending — interest-free.

* Boxer failed for nine consecutive years to report (mandatorily) a “significant” asset identified as 854 Longridge Road in Oakland. She didn’t report the mortgage. Income? Anybody’s guess;

* In 2010, it emerged that $500,000 of her PAC money found its way to Boxer’s son’s consulting business. The “arrangement” was gleaned by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington;

* Barbara Boxer was vice-chair of the Senate Select Committee from 2007-2015;

* Boxer’s name is on signs up and down the freeway north of Santa Clarita for her destruction of crops, robbing those areas of water. Acres and acres of decimation hugely costing Californians;

As for Fiorina’s HP hyped failures and job losses, one Wikipedia source says: “In 1999, when Fiorina became CEO of HP, the company had 84,800 employees.” After the Compaq merger there were 145,000 employees worldwide. At her 2005 departure time, “after HP had acquired several other companies, HP had about 150,000 employees.”

About Fiorina’s alleged has-no-job thing:

  • * Fiorina has chaired Good360, a 501c3 nonpartisan, nonprofit charity since 2012;
  • * Forbes ranks them in the Top 10 most efficient charities consistently; taking excess inventory from companies and donating it worldwide to 37,000 vetted charities;
  • * September 2014: Fiorina commandeered American companies “to help combat the Ebola virus in West Africa – by donating specific items;”
  • * Good360 is the 52nd largest American charity, per ChronicleofPhilantropics;
  • * Her valuable “job” isn’t burdening taxpayers.

In the event we haven’t revealed “chutzpah” clearly enough, let’s return to June 2009 with Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh’s testimony at an Environmental and Public Works hearing chaired by Boxer.

Walsh respectfully called Boxer “ma’am,” and she arrogantly, swiftly, publicly and unabashedly scorned him: ”Do me a favor – could you say ‘senator’ instead of ma’am? It’s just a thing; I worked so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it. Yes? Thank you.”

Last but hardly least; Boxer said all of the aforementioned and then called Fiorina “mean spirited” — twice.

Must be “just a thing.”

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.

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