Did I miss the LGBT memo that said we have to hate everyone who disagrees with us?

Xander Gibb
Xander Gibb

I have to say, I am really disappointed with the responses of some towards Kim Davis, the [Kentucky] Clerk who refused to give licenses to Same Sex Couples, especially those within The LGBT Community.

Did I miss the memo that said we have to hate everyone who disagrees with us and then brand them as a hater? The Community won the right of Same Sex Marriage in The Supreme Court, it didn’t win the right to to hate and prosecute everybody who disagrees with them.

We have demanded tolerance and then become intolerant in the process. We have become that which we have fought against… some of us anyway.

I used to think that way, because we are conditioned to do so and we are conditioned to think that disagreement is homophobia. Does everyone have to like us and what we do? Are some of us really so insecure that we have to demand approval or else?

Yes, The LGBT Community deserves Equality, and I have spent the past 25 years fighting for it. What I didn’t fight for was the right to FORCE others to like it.

I am sorry Kim for the way that some people have responded to you, I really thought we were above that! Thanks for reading, x


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