Armed Black Panthers chant threats to cops

Black Panther, video still
Black Panther, video still

Does anyone ever complain about the Black Panthers being armed… in public? They march. They have military-styled uniforms. And operate as a militant group with a clear intent to intimidate and alter behavior of those in opposition to their viewpoint… even police. But no one is screaming about gun control in the context of these folks, even after threatening cops.

100PercentFedUp covered a recent Black Panthers rally where the leader chanted:

[We’re] the wrong n***ers to mess with. You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness.”

100PercentFedUp asks:

The hate speech is strong in this instance and only fuels the fire for people to shoot cops like Deputy Goforth. If this isn’t hate speech then what is?

Good question. You can watch the video here and read more about it on 100PercentFedUp

Video/Video still via Breitbart Texas

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