ZoNation: Christian Who Dismiss Politics Invite UnGodly Rule

Alfonzo Rachel, ZoNation
Alfonzo Rachel, ZoNation

AlfonZo Rachel issues an open letter to pastors, and he isn’t pulling any punches. Get ready for this one…

Pastors say “Jesus is not a Republican or Democrat” and “politics is not the issue.” But “you can’t tell the church that it’s not about politics and be disheartened that same-sex marriage is now federally legal. That’s political.”

“You can’t be surprised when God-less policies are being instituted, when you tell your church “it ain’t political.”

“If the authority God appoints abuses their position, then the people have an obligation to protest.”

“Jesus doesn’t feed people by stealing from other people… like Democrats do.”

“Jesus doesn’t solve people’s problems by telling people to have their children killed in the womb… like Democrats do.”

“Jesus DOES expect us to be good to one another. But Jesus never told you it was ok for the state to make you comfortable at the forced expense of someone else. That’s what Democrats do.”

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