Univ. says “pull up your pants”… oh wait, nevermind!

Saggy Pants
Saggy Pants

Henderson State University decided to set the bar higher this year and push their students to prepare for real life in the work world after graduation. Prepare how? PULL UP YOUR PANTS! Well… that seems reasonable and good advice for anyone who might actually want to land a job, most ANY job!

Not so fast… some students are now in an uproar claiming that to be a racist move. And they’re not buying the school’s explanation as to why it’s important.

A school and students at odds over a sign that once hung in the student center at Henderson State University. The sign reading “sagging pants” would not be tolerated upset many students on campus.

After only being up for two days, the sign has been taken down. Students told Channel 7 they believe the sign was targeting them, but administration says they’re just holding their students to a higher expectation.

So much for sticking to their guns on that one. Looks like it wasn’t worth the fight. Must not have been that important to them. That’s a shame. Now students will have to learn this lesson the hard way. They’ll be left wondering why the can’t get a job. Prospective employers won’t tell them it’s because of the way they’re dressed. They’ll just move on to the next candidate who had enough respect to cover up their underwear. Hopefully somewhere down the line someone will give that young person some guidance since the schools are abdicating that part of education.


Photo credit Lisa Ouellette



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