The Donald and How He Continues to Trump

At this moment, Donald Trump is surging in the polls. His out-spoken style and disregard for political correctness has resonated with many of us. But, why?

The Presidential Office is all too often frequented by lawyers and career politicians. Is Donald Trump connecting with the American public with a fresh perspective? Is his hard stance on immigration and government expansion what sets him apart? Maybe.

What I do know is that we Americans enjoy a good affront to any establishment, especially that of the political kind. There is a deeply rooted national logic to it, thanks to the way our Founding Fathers behaved.

Whether or not Donald Trump is successful in converting his recent surge in the polls to votes next November is another story. My advice to Mr. Trump, study how John McCain became a know as a “maverick”, and how the Presidency slipped through his fingertips.

Have a great week.

The Republican Millennial

SOURCEThe Republican Millennial
Christopher Girdwood was born and raised in Michigan and he spent a few years working inside the beltway. In June, 2011 he bought a car and drove out west with his wife. He works in economic development where he designs and fosters regional innovation strategies that support quality job creation. He is the Founder and Editor of