The Art of Aliyah

Jeruselem, Israel, Skyline
Jeruselem, Israel, Skyline

Aliyah. It is a word that, for a Jew, can create a range of emotions from happiness, excitement, fear, and depression to the feeling of being at home.  “Aliyah” is a Hebrew word meaning “ascent”, and refers to the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to Israel.

Most Jews in the diaspora, especially reform Jews, feel isolated and alone, fear Anti-Semitism, grow tired of efforts to convert them to Christianity, and long to find their roots. Thankfully there are organizations like the Jewish Agency and Nefesh B’Nefesh who are helping Jewish families from all over the world return to their rightful place in Israel.

It takes a few steps for this process… Read the rest at TheConservativeUnderground.

Photo credit Michael Swan


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