Should guns be allowed in movie theaters?

At the Gun Range
At the Gun Range

Local newspaper The Daily News recently asked, “Should guns be allowed in movie theaters?” Here’s my reply

Take down the “Gun Free Zone” signs everywhere as they translate to criminals as “Nobody Will Shoot Back”. Criminals don’t obey the laws anyway, so this gives them a free pass to execute their evil intentions.  Murder is ALREADY against the law. If “laws” stopped murder, then that should’ve resolved the problem long ago! But since “laws” don’t PREVENT crime, misguided people are chasing the “evil” inanimate gun. Strange that we don’t see anyone banning knives, fertilizer and pressure cookers that have taken tremendous amounts of lives at the hand of evil people. The most important part missing from this propaganda is that these items don’t do anything without a person utilizing it!  So maybe we should ban people instead!  Disarming GOOD people will NOT stop BAD people nor prevent crimes. I’m more fearful of drunk drivers on the streets after the movie than a concealed carry citizen during the movie.


Nancy Tujetsch is an activist as well as an avid and outspoken protector and defender of the 2nd Amendment.

Reprinted with permission.


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