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Planned Parenthood proves Liberals are the REAL bullies

AlfonZo Rachel hits another one home in this video proving that Liberals are the REAL bullies.

Here’s a little excerpt:

People buy into this lie that the Liberals are for the little guy. They stand up for the helpless and the voiceless and they are champions for the weak and are totally against bullying.

But totally don’t see that if you destroy an unborn kid, then you’re the REAL bully.

And for all that big talk you Liberals give about sticking up for the little guy, you’re the very ones sticking it TO the little guy!

You Liberals are far worse than any bully who ever punked on a little guy for his lunch money… Ya’ll punk on the little guy for their body parts!

You say you’re the voice for the voiceless, but you make sure the little guy doesn’t get a voice. You don’t even want the little guy to be SEEN. That’s why you’re opposed to the woman getting an abortion seeing an ultrasound.

Don’t just listen to what he says. Learn the argument so you can spread the message to others. It’s time to fight back.

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