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“Planned Parent” Hood

Pro Abortion, Pro Life

The title of the sermon at my church yesterday was Planned Parenthood. Listening to a native Irishman speak on Exodus 1, I thought of the irony of it all. He’s heading back to his homeland to pastor a church but married an American so his heart is in both places. In Exodus 1, the people of Israel were oppressed by the Egyptian Pharaoh, who ordered the midwives to kill all baby boys and kill the girls because the Jews were multiplying rapidly. The midwives feared God and did not do so and the Lord blessed them with families of their own and continued to increase Israel. Finally as a last resort, Pharoah ordered all the people to throw the baby boys in the Nile River. Despite the presence of evil and the enslavement of the people, God continued to bless Israel and overcome the evil.  Do we as America seek after God? Will He bless us? This form of “abortion” and “planned parenthood” did not prevent Him from working.

And btw, Planned Parenthood is sure not a good name for that organization. God plans parenthood; they take it away in a sense. There is a law going around in California that may force pregnancy centers to post the number and contact info of Planned Parenthood in their lobby and literature so that women have “both choices.”

To top it off, earlier in the week, I heard from a family at church that friends of theirs were looking forward to adopting a baby girl when the woman who wanted to give the baby to them gave birth in four months! They found out a few weeks later that the woman had terminated her pregnancy. Can you imagine the heartbreak this adoptive family felt? They handled it very well, but I am sure they were saddened by the loss of a life they were willing to love.

Maybe if people seek after God He will hear them and be there. But we need to take a stand–as churches, individuals, and groups. We need to love all no matter what and “argue” in a civilized, mature manner. We all desire to make a difference in the world: the choice is HOW we go about it.


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Melanie Grunwald

Melanie Grunwald

When not blogging or volunteering her time for conservative causes, she runs a home editing business and can be seen poring over various clients' documents as well as playing piano, making cards, and spending time with her family. She continues to educate herself on pivotal issues in the world since gaining her college degree and being raised in a military family, which taught her the value of dedication, hard work, and citizenship.

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