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No more quoting Bible for Kentucky volunteer prison pastors

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Pastors often serve as counselors, especially in prison settings. But in Kentucky, prison pastors hands are being tied. It’s easy for some non-religious person to say “you just can’t say that homosexuality is a sin.” But when the Bible, the book that you base your entire belief system on and live your life by, tells you that it is, it isn’t that simple to just rip out certain pages in your book and pretend they don’t exist.

the state has imposed a requirement that volunteers “shall not imply or tell LGBTQI juveniles that they are abnormal, deviant, sinful or that they can or should change their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

the state requires volunteers to sign a statement promising to follow that moral statement. Without promising that he would not ever describe homosexuality as a sin, [Pastor] Wells was cut from the volunteer staff.

Free speech and religious freedom is coming to an end folks, unless we do something about it. Now it’s gotten to the point where pastors can’t even QUOTE the Bible.

“To this end, the department prohibits its staff and volunteers from discriminating against youth based on sexual orientation or gender identity”

If a person is asking for spiritual guidance, because as I understand it, it is not forced on them, then pastors should be able to speak their religious beliefs unhindered and uncensored. It’s up to the person to decide what they want to believe after hearing it.

Hearing a viewpoint contrary to your own is NOT discrimination. It’s a difference of opinion… or in this case, religious beliefs. And the 1st Amendment protects that right for each of us.

Read the full article at WND. H/T TeaPartyCrusaders

Photo credit Wally Gobetz

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