Newsweek Declares the POW/MIA Flag Racist: A General Responds…

United States, POW-MIA flag, military
United States, POW-MIA flag, military

By USAF Maj Gen (Ret) Dr. Lee Rodgers

Let me start by saying that the most non-racist society in our country is our military.

It ain’t perfect. There are flawed humans in the military. But if you are looking for a place in the WORLD where your skin color has no bearing on your success, look at our men and women in uniform.

In the military we train together; we work together; we bleed together; and we die together.
So, when Newsweek decided to declare that the POW/MIA flag was racist, we have to step back and wonder about the availability of mental health professionals around Hanover Square in New York City.

For those who do not know, the POW/MIA flag is a symbol of… read the rest at SavingOurFuture.


[Ed. note from Tami Jackson via SavingOurFuture – My friend, USAF Maj Gen (Ret) Dr. Lee Rodgers (currently a CMO at for 2 hospitals in Texas) occasionally takes some time from his busy schedule to pen a few words. Last night I asked (nagged?) him to write his thoughts concerning the Newsweek announcement and he acquiesced. This is short, succinct, emotion-packed, and worth reading and sharing, written by someone who, unlike Newsweek, actually knows what in the heck he’s talking about!]

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