Israeli Military Preparing For Possible Invasion Into Syria

IDF, Israeli Defense Forces
IDF, Israeli Defense Forces

Tensions are rising along the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.  According to reports in the Israeli media, the IDF is preparing for a possible ground invasion in response to a flood of Islamists coming into the border area, a situation that has put the IDF on high alert.

In response to Syria’s weakness along the border with Israel, Iran has stepped up efforts to prepare for a possible Hezbollah offensive and is believed to be behind several recent attacks against Israel. IDF forces killed 4 suspected terrorists attempting to plant explosives at the border, and an Israeli Border Policeman suffered a slight injury in an attempted stabbing by a Palestinian terrorist.

According to Israeli intelligence, there are hundreds of Hezbollah fighters in the Golan preparing for a larger attack against Israel. The military spokesman said that Iran’s involvement in the attacks is clear, and there are concerns that the terrorists may be in possession of chemical weapons that could be used against Israeli civilians living near the border.

David Weissman is reporting live from Israel! You can read the rest at TheConservativeUnderground.

Photo credit US Embassy Tel Aviv


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