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Iran Deal: Are we stupid or what?

John Kerry, Iran Deal, Negotiations

The Young Conservatives break this down nicely with excerpts from various news sources. We’ll just do the 50,000 foot flyby here. As if what we’ve heard about the Iran Deal weren’t crazy enough (to rational-minded humans), billions to a state sponsor of terror intent on building nuclear weapons, 24-days notice before inspections, and no hostages released… now we’re hearing:

1. All inspectors must be Iran-approved, or be barred from entering the country. (Since WHEN does a country who’s being inspected get to decide who’s inspecting them???)

2. Iran is already saying no matter how Congress votes on the deal, they’ve already won. (Does anyone else wonder if we might be missing something here?)

Be sure to check out the details on YoungCons, call your Congressional representatives and tell them to vote against the deal, and then pray that enough jump ship and vote against Obama to overturn the expected veto.

Photo credit Department of State

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