Illegal aliens appointed as city commissioners in California

Huntington Park CA, Council Chambers, CBSLA.COM video still
Huntington Park CA, Council Chambers, CBSLA.COM video still

Huntington Park, California appointed 2 illegal aliens to city commissioner positions this week. How something like this happens is a mystery… well, not really, when you live in LiberalLand called California. Out here, we don’t have to follow the rules, we just do what feels right.

And what “feels right” now is making sure that everyone who lives in a community has a voice on the direction of that community… and that means serving in a city capacity. Forget the fact that you’re an illegal immigrant. That’s no problem. We accept all kinds here in Cali. What? You don’t pay taxes? No worries about that either. We’ll just acknowledge the sales tax you have to pay on purchases and call it even, plus, some of you even volunteer for charitable work. That’s so nice. (In case you missed it, sarcasm font was deployed there!)

People, we have persons in our country who have arrived here illegally. They have no legal right to BE in country, let alone STAY in our country, or WORK in our country… and certainly be a PUBLIC SERVANT for the REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT in our country!

Yes, there’s a significant population of illegal immigrants in California. There’s also a significant population of incarcerated criminals. What do they have in common? They’ve both committed crimes! Incarcerated people cannot serve as commissioners in a city. Illegal aliens should not either. They have NO LEGAL RIGHT to be here! Which means they have NO RIGHT to REPRESENTATION. What part of that is confusing?

Hey illegals… if you want to be represented, go fill out the necessary paperwork to begin the citizenship or legal residency process. Then we can talk about you serving as a representative for our government.

Photo credit CBSLA



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