ICYMI: ‘American’ is a ‘problematic’ term for Univ of NH

Truth Is The New Hate Speech
Truth Is The New Hate Speech

SperoNews reports:

The University of New Hampshire is offering its Bias-Free Language Guide on its website to students. Among the words that the guide finds “problematic” are: “American,” “illegal alien,” “foreigners,” “mothering,” and “fathering.” The guide, according to the website, is intended “to invite inclusive excellence in [the] campus community.” Among the other proscribed terms are: “elders,” “senior citizen,” “overweight,” “speech impediment,” “dumb,” “sexual preference,” “manpower,” “freshmen,” “mailman,” and “chairman,” in addition to many others.   The guide prefers the use of “Same Gender Loving” in place of “homosexual,” since the latter term is also considered “problematic.”

Who knew we were all so biased? Apparently, not even the university president. He and the administration were completely unaware that it was posted on the website and emphatically stated that it was NOT university policy. Within just a couple of days of the story breaking on CampusReform, the language guide was removed from the website. This, folks, is what the Free Press is supposed to do. Accountability.

And in case you think UNH PC police is an anomoly… take a look at the University of California. Yep, it’s happening there too, thanks to university president Janet Napolitano.

You can read the full article here at SperoNews.


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