Hillary Clinton for Treason

Snowden For Treason, Hillary For President, Sarah PAC
Snowden For Treason, Hillary For President, Sarah PAC

Edward Snowden for treason… Hillary Clinton for President. Sarah Palin draws a comparison that’s hard to ignore.

Snowden STOLE classified information and intentionally published it.

Hillary had access to classified information that she mishandled (stored in an unsecured location) and neglected to return when her tenure was complete. THEN, when instructed to hand it over, refused to do so. If you refuse to return something that doesn’t belong to you… it’s called STOLEN!

What’s the difference? THERE IS NONE!

Hillary should be brought up on charges just like Snowden… and General Petraeus. It doesn’t matter who you are… mishandling America’s classified data is criminal and ABSOLUTELY disqualifies you from holding the highest office in the land.

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