High school reading: Utopian city of naked sex slaves, orgies, & drugs

Futuristic City, Utopia
Futuristic City, Utopia

Just a reminder, folks… never stop looking over your child’s schoolwork. Talk to them about what they’re reading and talking about in class. And here’s just one more reason why it’s so important… courtesy of EAGNews:

Del Campo High School students are reading about the fictional Utopian city Omelas, where orgies abound, nude sex slaves roam the streets, and special drugs heighten the depravity with no side effects.

If you want to see with your own eyes a few excerpts from the short story, click on over to EAGNews. Then let me know what you think. Is it appropriate for 15 year olds, or not?

Stay vigilant people. Protect your children’s innocence. They grow up fast enough without the school exposing them unnecessarily to drivel like this.

Photo credit Torley



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