Fighting The Social Media War Against Israel

Social Media, Propaganda, Israel, Hamas, ISIS
Social Media, Propaganda, Israel, Hamas, ISIS

Since social media first began, terrorists have used the medium to spread political propaganda against Israel.  They have grown very adept at using photos or short video clips that are so heavily edited they don’t show the whole story and turn it around to fit their agenda and posting them on social media sites to blast it out to masses, many of whom blindly accept the propaganda as fact.

The amount of anti-Semitic propaganda, photos, videos, and other anti-Israel rhetoric that populates social media sites such as Facebook, for example, is staggering, yet anyone who would dare to post the truth about terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS is in danger of being punished or even banned.

Many, including myself, have reported anti-Israel rhetoric and the result is usually the same, a response saying the post does not violate Facebook’s community standards. Exactly what are those standards and who is in charge of setting them, Hamas? Why is it offensive to make comments about radical Islam but it’s ok to lie, demonize and discriminate against Israel?

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