Feminists Now Claim Air Conditioning is Sexist

Man In A Snuggie, Cold, Temperature, Office
Man In A Snuggie, Cold, Temperature, Office

H/T to LouderWithCrowder who always finds stories that are just hard to turn away from and leave you shaking your head…

You would think air conditioning would be something on which we can all agree, but you would be WRONG! That’s right, air conditioning is now sexist.

He goes on to say:

…does anyone else find it ironic that feminists are accusing men of secretly stacking the deck against women in order to get them to… put on more clothes? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to assume that men would more likely crank up the heat to get women to strip down? First step: set thermostat to 91 degrees. Second step: pitch “Casual Bra and Panty Friday.”

He’s got a point. Personally, I’d rather put on a sweater or wrap up in a blanket than have the men stripping down to shorts and a tank top to keep cool. I can’t be the only one…

You can read the full article here at LouderWithCrowder.

Photo credit Shawn Collins


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