Saturday, in a rousing speech held between services at the Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills, California, presidential hopeful and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz brought the overflow crowd to its feet several times over.

Speaking before the largest orthodox Jewish Iranian Synagogue in the United States, well-known author Rabbi Schmuley Boteach set the theme as he introduced Cruz to the crowd, “It is not enough to know what is right,” Rabbi Schmuley said. “What is right is clear and in front of us, but the question is ‘do we act?’ Do we stand up for what is right? This is why we are honored to have Senator Ted Cruz here today; a man who stands up for what is right; who stands up for Israel.”

During the over thirty-minute speech, Cruz told the mixed audience that doing what is right matters and truth, in fact, matters. President Obama and his administration have refused to call what happened in Fort Hood, Boston, and Chattanooga the work of Islamic terrorists. “When we call evil by its name, it has a clarifying and strengthening power,” Cruz said. “We cannot fight terror without calling it by name. We must put heat and light and attention of the truth on it…that is the power of telling the truth, of shining the light.”

If the president won’t call what has happened on American soil “Islamic terrorism,” how can we expect him to deal with the Iranians as the terrorists they clearly are?

Mincing no words, Cruz shined the light of truth on the Iran deal as well, “I believe this deal with Iran is the most catastrophic threat facing America today. And the only way for [America and Israel] to stop it is to come together and tell the truth,” said Cruz.

With another standing ovation and the sound of Jewish hymns being sung, Senator Cruz ended his speech by directly addressing President Obama’s inflammatory remarks made against Republicans while in Ethiopia last week. Cruz once again stood for truth, “Mr. President, the truth is not rhetoric. Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism; that’s a fact. If this deal goes through, upwards of $100 billion will go to Assad, Hezbollah and Hamas; that’s a fact. Rhetoric is refusing to speak the truth,” declared Cruz, “and when you do not acknowledge the truth, that is rhetoric, Mr. President.”

After the speech, The Real Side caught up with event organizer and president of Nessah Young Professionals, Mati Geula Cohen. “The Nessah Lecture Committee, headed by Simon Etehad Esq., and I invited Senator Cruz to speak today because we know it is important that the entire Jewish community comes together against this Iran deal,” Cohen told The Real Side.

He said the event organizers believe everyone must contact their U.S. Congress members. Stand up for truth. Stand up for Israel and tell Congress to vote ‘no’ on the Iran deal.

Photo credit:  Dawn Gregg