Do these look like U.S. military veterans to you? They do to the DNC!

Obama, Polish, Veterans
Obama, Polish, Veterans

With the general election 15 months away and Hillary Clinton’s campaign continuing to falter, the Democrats are busy doing outreach to all the prospective voters they can find. They are even attempting to court the largely monolithic bloc comprised by military veterans, most of whom vote Republican.

Judging from the DNC’s recent efforts, they are going to have to try harder. A page from the their website devoted to “Veterans and Military Families” recently ran a photo of the commander-in-chief shaking hands with aging soldiers. The purpose was to emphasize the Democrats’s unwavering commitment to the treatment of our men and women in uniform. There’s just one small problem with the picture. See if you can find it.

If those don’t look like uniforms worn by any branch of America’s military, it’s because they aren’t.

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