“Catholic” Group Sends Cakes to Thank Planned Parenthood Staff After It Sells Aborted Babies

Catholics stand with Planned Parenthood
Catholics stand with Planned Parenthood

In a press release, the “Catholic” group [Catholics for Choice] writes, “Women’s health clinics across the country will again be harassed by the anti-choice movement this weekend. In response, Catholics organized to remind clinic staff that we stand with Planned Parenthood and support the important work they do. Today, Catholics for Choice delivered cakes and messages of goodwill to women’s clinics on behalf of Catholic supporters, showing that only a small minority of Catholics agree with the extremist voices of the bishops on the question of abortion.”

Yes, you read that right— the pro-abortion group is planning to deliver cakes to Planned Parenthood, and they believe only a small minority of Catholics agree with “extremist voices” that want to defund the abortion company. They continue, “On Saturday, antiabortion groups across the country will harass and intimidate women seeking care at Planned Parenthood affiliates. The protests are trying to drum up attention for a video smear campaign that is being used in attempts to strip the group of federal and state funds and deny women access to reproductive healthcare services.”

Read the full story here at LifeNews

Photo credit Catholics for Choice


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