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Why NOT having sex is BIG news…

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This year in review, originally posted July 9, 2015

It’s a sad commentary about our culture when who’s NOT having sex is a bigger headline than actual news.

Why is a person’s decision to remain celibate until marriage subject to such ridicule?

Shouldn’t the real question be, why is the media (public) privy to even ask about a couple’s sex life? What goes on in the bedroom is supposed to be private.

Yet, everywhere we turn, sex seems to be the topic of discussion. It’s not only accepted, it’s expected. Hookup culture is considered normal. And now, the indoctrination begins as early as kindergarten in our children’s school curriculum. If it feels good do it. And there’s no wrong way to “love.” Make no mistake… they may say “love” but the discussions all center around who’s having sex with whom and how.

So, when sex, sex, sex is the norm… not having sex is BIG news. But rather than being a perfectly acceptable option, it’s always subject to ridicule and endless mockery. I thought we, as a nation, were against bullies? Maybe I missed the memo that it was open season on “abstinence.”

Couldn’t we instead focus on the fact that this person has chosen the safest form of “safe sex”? Or focus on the fact that they are saving something special for someone special? Would it really be so hard to put a positive spin on it? I mean, let’s really look at this objectively… what’s so bad about waiting anyway? If that’s what a couple wants to do, who are we to criticize and tell them how to love.

It’s hard to tell if the criticism is really about the decision to remain chaste, or if it’s actually because these celebrities have chosen to wear their Christianity openly out in the public sphere. I guess we won’t know the answer to that one until a devout Muslim, Jew, or atheist celebrity speaks out about their choice to remain chaste until marriage.

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